Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freelance Writing: Dream and Reality

Most probably, I have written about it in an earlier entry. Still, this is something that is in mind a lot in the recent weeks. It is a personal issue but also I think that most writers have to deal with it just like me. For many years, my dream was to be a writer like Charles Dickens, George Orwell or O. Henry. They are great writers and they could influence and entertain lot of people. Still, people love to read their writings. Of course, Orwell did not achieve that much popularity but both Dickens and O. Henry are still very popular not only among speakers of English language but also in the whole world.
This was my dream but I could not fulfill my dream and I am not hopeful that I can ever do it. It does not make me sad because reality is that very few writers can become successful. What makes me sad is the fact that I do not have any time to write about the things I love. I love to write about history, international politics, business but I cannot find the time. Well, more than time, they do not bring any money.
The main problem is that I am trying to set up a company and the birth pain is too much. Running a small home based company with 4 workers may not sound to be a big deal but it is more than I can handle. I have to take care of everything as I am the owner.
This matter consumes a lot of time for me. However, on the other hand, because of this company, I am free of any stress related to money.
Anyway, what I have realized is that having a dream is very important in life. Compared to 5 years ago, my condition is better now and if I have the dream then may be after one year, I can write the things I dreamt. I do not dislike blogging but I think that writing about history, international politics or current affairs, business would make me happier than writing about sports and technology or entertainment.
Secondly, I wish that everyday, I would write just entry instead of writing several entries. Well, if I have enough money then I surely can do it. Or, I try to write the short entries very quickly and then devote the whole day for writing a good and long entry.
Writing should be fun. However, the stress of work and real life has taken away all the fun and I became both physically and mentally tired. I hope that gradually I can again come back to writing for fun. 

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