Thursday, August 26, 2010

What to Do with Four Hours?

At last, my health is becoming fresh enough to work. The feeling is excellent after a long time. There are four hours before going to bed to sleep. So, what to do?
Of course, the first thing to do is to finish this entry in this blog. Then, I think some, make a plan and search some and again think and write.
When you are a journalist then one advantage is that you know your assignments. In other words, you know what you have to write. However, when you are a blogger and you only write in your own blogs then this becomes a problem. I have noticed that a lot of time gets wasted everyday just to think that what should be written.
Thus, a good portion of the next 4 hours will be perhaps wasted thinking about what to write.
In the last one week, I received two nice comments in my inbox through Feedburner. I like to thank both of these two readers. Comments like these surely help me to get more energy and motivation to write.
The long summer heat is almost finishing. Now, in our home, we have less power cuts (load shedding) and this is good for working. 

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