Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Race against Time for a Blog

On this Friday (20 August), I moved our Laptop blog from Blogspot to its own domain. Well, when you do that to a blog then for the first weeks, the blog does not get good blessing from Google. So, we have to try for it a lot.
I am some concerned about this matter because in November, it is the time of Black Friday 2010. Black Friday is the time that we get most traffic for this blog. In November 2009, this blog got 110,000 page views and I think that on November 2008, it received more than 200,000 page views. So, we have just September and October or nearly 70 days.
I am hopeful that 70 days would be enough but I also know that we have to race against time so that by November 1, the blogs gets strong and gets good blessing in Google search results. Well, I am hopeful because we always give original content and we try to put quality content. 

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