Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding the Humanistic Touch in Writing about Business and Technology

In my earlier entry, I wrote that I am going to focus only in two blogs from tomorrow, South Asia Blog and Lapopet. The first blog is about business and economy while the second one is purely related to technology. My educational background is pure Arts. I studied English Literature and then English Language Teaching (ELT) in my BA and MA respectively.
You may wonder whether I have any knowledge or skill to blog in these two blogs. Well, I liked Economics a lot and I used to read about economics when I found time in my school and college days. I have been writing about International business since 1997 (13 years). I also have been writing about computer and Internet since 1999 (11) years. So, I think that I have some skill for writing about business and technology or else I would not survive so long.
I especially enjoy writing in South Asia Blog. When I write a business entry then I try to add some humanistic touch. If you have some time then read this entry: Impact of Global Economic Recession on Nepalese Economy
I feel that the humanistic touch make my entries easier to read and more enjoyable.  
I need to find the same touch while writing about technology. Until now, I never tried to write about technology seriously. Now is the time as we are going to make Laptopet our main blog.
I dream of a day when I can full time write about humanities topics like history or literature or linguistics. Now, I am hopeful that it will come soon. 

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