Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 was not a Bad Year

I am not exactly a person to celebrate the coming of New Year or go to any party. Instead, I try to work or have a normal day. Today, I was thinking of the year that is passing 2010. It has started in a very tough way for me because I could not sleep at all. In fact, for the last ten months of 2010, I had continuous sleeping problem. It was only from November, my health improved some and I could sleep. Now a day, I do not have that problem.
Sleeping was not the only problem for me in 2010. I had to face other difficulties too. This time the electricity was very bad and for nearly four months, I suffered from summer gift. Fortunately, from the first week of August, I had air conditioner and that is why that time from August to October, summer was tolerable.
My work and income both suffered extremely because I could not work continuously even for a week. However, from last month, I could get come back to normal work but my income is still miserable. Now, I have noticed that getting back to full time work is becoming possible and that is why although I am worried about money, I know that it will be solved very soon.
Yes, in 2010, I suffered a lot but when it is finishing, I felt that it was not a bad year. It helped me to fight against my health and improve my health to a good level. I am still 100 kilogram and I need to fight seriously about decreasing my weight but I am also hopeful. I am hopeful because in 2010, I achieved a very important victory over my health. I could change my eating habit and I could also remove the laziness about doing exercise. As a result, I feel fresh and some energetic compared to one year ago. In a way, 2010 was the year to fight and also too build some base for myself. Now, in 2011, I have to work very hard and earn some decent amount of money and get some success in Blogging.
If you ask me what was the best thing for me in 2010, I will say that it was the learning about the importance of hope and positive energy. I feel optimistic about the future although I do not have the good income now. My wife is still fighting with bad health. Hopefully, she will become better in the next one year. Now, she cannot work with me anymore and naturally, it has added more pressure but it is not a problem for me because I have understood that happiness is even more powerful. If I can just get back my energy and work like past then earning money or getting success in Blogging is not a big problem because I have a lot of knowledge in this field.
In 2011, I have two major goals. I want to get back to 80 kilogram of body weight slowly. I tend to decrease 1.5 kg of weight every month in the twelve months. Secondly, I want to achieve success in Blogging but I do not want to achieve success quickly. In fact, neither to decrease my weight nor improve my career, I want to be in a hurry. Instead, I want to achieve them in a year instead of just 3 months.
This Blog has helped me a lot to fight against the rough time that I passed in the last one year. I will try to update it regularly from now and may be after a few weeks, I will try to write about my personal matters less but write about other things more. Even I have started to feel bored from repeating to same thing about my condition. So, I can easily understand that most of the readers have no good feeling either. Still I like to thank all of you for reading the Blog and this really helped me a lot emotionally. 


  1. happy new year razib!

  2. Hoping you and your wife gain excellent health in 2011. Happy New Year!

  3. Dear Razib,
    I'm a brand new subscriber to your blog. My attention was drawn when I was trying to Google materials for one of my hobbies - Persian influence on Bengali language and literature.
    At this juncture, considering the date, I should wish you and all your blog-followers the customary greetings of new year. There is, perhaps, a Chinese saying that reminds us that the same gentle breeze does not shake the same branch of a cherry tree twice. There is a Bengali poem (by Subhash Mukhopadhyay) that aptly translates it as "cherir ek-i dal ek-i haway dubar dolena." 2011, in its entirety or in each infinitesimal time segments of it, will certainly carry different breezes, gentle or not, no matter how hard we wish.
    I'm truly sorry to hear that you were not well for the better part of 2010 (and wish you, despite the previous sentence, the best of health), which the blog had helped you to tide over. We are, perhaps, in similar boats, though insomnia is not my symptom. I've lead a full life -- as ajijnasu student with catholic tastes, as an R&D scientist attached to a corporate house, as a corporate person much against my wishes, in pursuit of my political tenets and value systems which never stood me in good stead, in retirement from active service, and in my new role as a part time consultant to more-than-one-master in the after-life -- but had been nursing a defective heart damaged unbeknownst by excessive smoking in my salad days.
    I too find solace in net surfing, blog jumping and chasing impossible research projects (not for publication nor for glory) that are often unfinished. It helps me a great deal in my efforts to forget what a failure my life has been, how I had missed my true calling at least twice in my life, and how death might softly catch up with me without letting me whimper (I hope). I say all these without rancor, without an iota of sadness and for no reason at all except to strike empathy.
    This is not turning out to be a cheerful post for a new year blog.
    On the brighter side, I have suddenly discovered that my life long pursuit of reading anything and everything in at least two languages, and my painstaking personal research into the growth and development of the Bengali language, have put me in a position to help young people in quest of knowledge.
    I joined your blog to share what is mine with whatever is there on offer.
    Aniruddha Sen.