Saturday, December 18, 2010

Razib’s World: The new name of this Blog

I have decided to change the name of this blog and from now on, the name of this blog will be Razib’s World.
On February 2011, this blog will become 5 years old. I started the blog at a very crucial time in my life. At that time, I had hardly any idea about blogging. So, everything was new to me. Just one month after starting this blog, I got the opportunity to join a blog network and earn money. As a result, I had to leave this blog and I could never take it seriously.
My original goal was to write about Bengali or Bangla Literature. We posted some entries on it. We also posted some entries on English literature but for the last one year, I just wrote about my own condition. I suffered from bad health and writing this blog helped to take away some of the mental stress.
While doing it, I understood that this was more fun than writing about Literature. I always wanted to write about my ideas on different topics. However, professional blogging or blogging for earning money is not that compatible with writing about different topics. Professional blogging is more related to targeting some keywords and try to take them on the top positions of Google Search. This way, people would visit and you would earn money.
It is not that I do not need to earn money. I desperately need now to increase my income. However, I do not need to earn money from this particular blog. For that, I have another blog on technology and I want to earn money from there. I am working very hard these days for that blog. A lot of my time is spent to read about business and technology each day.
I want to use my spare time to write for this blog. Fortunately, the condition of my health has improved a lot. So, I hope that I can update this blog regularly from now. My target is to update it 3 times a week.
What about the content? I want to write about anything that I like. I know that it is not good for a blog and perhaps even not good for readers as they will find it difficult to follow. Still, I wish to do it as I think that it is my best opportunity to write what I want. 


  1. SO pleased to see you writing here regularly again! I have missed your updates. Great to hear you are feeling a lot better and getting on ok in work. I hope your wife is also feeling a lot better still. x

  2. P.s. I'm your 50th google follower ;-) Of course I followed your blog before but I've recently got a google account so i've added myself to that too - congratulations on reaching 50!!!!