Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 2010 Brings New Hope

November is finishing today. I could achieve what I wanted- going back to full time work. From tomorrow, it is the beginning of December 2010. For the month of December, my theme is happiness. By nature, I am an optimistic type of person. I find myself happier than most people around me. Part of the reason is that I can be satisfied with almost nothing.
I was very spoilt in eating and perhaps still this is the case. However, in the last one month, I have changed my eating style radically and I have been able to totally come out of my addiction of coffee, Coke and Mutton. I have also been able to substantially decrease eating spicy foods and frying foods. Of course, I have to give most of the credits to my wife as she tried her best to change my eating habit.
Coming back to the theme of happiness, this month, I want to try to be happier. Perhaps, I am too much focused every moment. It is not bad as it helps me a lot in my career but it also puts too much stress on my health and mind. I always try something extra. If I can write 1000 words in a day then I try to write another 100 words. For doing so, there is a lot of extra pressure and this is the thing I will try to change from now. Secondly, I am all the time checking the results. For example in blogging, I am checking after every 20 minutes how my blog is doing- in other words, I check the sitemter quite often to see the stats of visitors and page views. At first, it was very useful as I needed to learn about blogging. I needed to see the effects of my entries in the short term and long term. Now, I really do not need it. Instead, I just need to do my work.
For the next one month, I am going to find out the things that take away my mental peace and I will try to deal with them. It is not as easy as I am saying. In fact, life is not like a machine or computer software. It is too complicated and it is full of surprises, exceptions and unexpected things.

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  1. Hi Razib, I've not been very well and stuck in bed so will keep this short but just wanted to say I feel so proud of you that you have improved your health so well. Keep it up and listen to your body! So glad I could watch your health transform through this blog :-)