Friday, February 25, 2011

Try to stay calm in Tough Condition in Life

Just a few minutes ago, Bangladesh achieved an inspiring victory against Ireland in ICC World Cup Cricket 2011. Naturally, I am very happy that my country won the match. Cricket is the most popular sports in this country.
The win of today was inspiring and amazing because Bangladesh batted first and scored just 205 runs from their allotted 50 overs. Very few people could think that Bangladesh would be able to defend this small score. The bowlers tried their best and in the end, Ireland fell short of 27 runs.
This victory brought a lot of inspiration in my heart because my condition is more or less like our cricket team these days. I am trying to make a comeback to my career of professional blogging. Right now, I am the underdog and things are not working well. That is why, this cricket match brought a lot of hope in me. Bangladesh players could make a very strong and dramatic turnaround because they worked hard.
So, in a happy heart, I am going to stay calm and work hard. I am going to be dedicated and serious about blogging from this moment. I am going to try my best. In fact, five years ago, when I started professional blogging, I did not think of anything else but I gave all my heart to become successful. Success did not come right away. It took nearly one year but when the success came, it was resounding. I have to remember that lesson and again try with all my heart. 

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