Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomorrow is just a new Day

Today was not bad as I could work with some satisfaction. I am hoping for a better tomorrow as I can realize that I am slowly moving towards going back to full time blogging. At this moment, I am not only blogging but also doing a couple of projects related to freelance writing.
The best thing that has happened now is that the 3 members of my team are working hard. They are serious. So, it is easier for me to guide them towards the completion of a project. Just last week, we finished making a website on sports and we earned some praise for it.
We are not very happy with the website as it did not justify our skill, knowledge and talent. We had to finish it very quickly. For some unknown reasons, Internet attracts me a lot. I enjoy working in this field more than anything else. May be the main reason is that here, I have all the freedom. There is no one to limit my potential.  
Well, in a way, I am almost back to normal work because now a days, I can work most of the time. So, I do not need to feel frustrated. Rather, I must keep on trying and keep on going.

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