Friday, March 04, 2011

The Value of an Hour of Focused Effort

While I am trying to come back to normal full time work, the biggest obstacle that I am facing now is working continuously. There are too many distractions and in the end, I get frustrated almost every day as I achieve too little. I have been blogging for 5 years now and it is not a difficult work. It is not something that is totally impossible. Now, my health is almost back to normal level. So, blogging should not be a problem for me anymore. In fact, blogging is now the easiest work for me in the world. I know a lot about it. All I need is just to sit in the desktop or laptop PC and then work.
Still, somehow, I cannot come back to normal work. Last night, I was taking a look at the emails of 5 years ago. I tried my best to get a normal blogging work as I was desperately searching for a work in Internet. Even after I got the job, I had to struggle a lot as I had no idea of bringing visitors to my blog. Even that is not a problem for me now. So, I have to just start with one hour of focused work. Before that I need to find out the distractions.

Television: I would not say that T is the biggest distraction for me but I have noticed that 90% of the time that I watch TV, I watch something really meaningless. I mean that I just watch for watching. It is not that I am fond of the program that I am watching. TV is a passive thing and from now, I will try to avoid it as much as possible.
Internet: I am always in Internet- checking email, Sitemeter, Google News, some blogs and newspapers websites etc. This is the source of major distraction for me. I at first found it a lot of fun as I was under too much emotional stress in life. It is like a drug to forget the physical and mental stress. However, now, I am in normal condition. So, I will try to change this bad habit.
People: Fortunately, I do not mix with a lot of people. Still, I must improve in this side. I have to decrease interaction with others and allocate more time for my works.
Frustration: It is perhaps becoming the number one distraction for me. I am finding life somewhat difficult because I was out of full time work for almost two hours. I have to again start almost from the scratch. Believe me it is not easy.
One Work at a Time and One Hour at a Time
In order to come out of this vicious circle the best thing for me to do now is to take one work at a time. I will just start focusing on one hour at a time.
What I realize is that now, I have to start a fight to control my mind. Until now, the fight was to make my health some better. I have been able to come out of bad health. Now, it is time to improve my mental ability. 

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  1. Hi Razib, yes I am the same with the internet and TV, not so much that I'm distracted by it but I am just using them all the time bcause I'm bored of just resting. But actually the internet and TV are very draining of energy so I probably should try to cut down on them too!