Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Sleepless Night but without any Stress

I have understood that I will not sleep again tonight. It is 2 AM but I feel fresh. Today was the 4th day that I did not drink any tea. I am hopeful that within a week I can change my sleeping habit. It will be great if I can sleep within 1 AM or 2 AM at night.
The main problem now is that at day time others call me and I have to wake up. It totally puts a lot of stress on my health and mind and I cannot work well. Perhaps this is the main reason that I cannot come back to normal work. On the other hand, if I can sleep normally at night then I can work with a fresh mood in day time.
Tonight, I feel much better and I am hopeful that I can do some work. I am almost back to normal life and it gives me a lot of happiness. I know it very well that in my entries of last one year in this blog, I am just talking about the same things over and again. Sometimes, I even get bored but I realize that doing this nonsense thing has helped me a lot.
This blog has now 60 followers. I am deeply grateful to all of you. It is nice to know that some readers read my nonsense entries. While browsing throw some of the blogs of the followers of this blog, I realized that I should mention some of the entries:
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