Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to really learn from Failures and Bounce Back?

I cannot claim that I have bounced back from my failure but I surely know that I have learnt some valuable lessons. I am hopeful that these lessons will help me to effectively bounce back in life in the next few months. Now, it is important to find a good strategy to bounce back. In other words, the mistakes of the past must not be repeated. If you are trying to bounce back in life after a miserable failure in anything (job, love and marriage, health, education etc.) then read this post and try to join me in the discussion in the comment section.
Slow and Steady: Whatever you do, please, do not be in a hurry unless you are in such a desperate condition that if you cannot bounce back in a short time then you will become bankrupt and end up in the street. I have seen that many people do this mistake. Why should I blame others? I am just one of them. When you are in a hurry then either you make more mistakes or you become frustrated when you do not see good result at a short time.
Do your Homework Properly: No one dreams to be a loser in life. Why did you fail in the first place? If you repeat the same things like past then again you will fail- isn’t it obvious? So, do your homework and try to analyze your mistakes. Do not deceive yourself about it. If you do so then you will again end up in failing. On the other hand, if you can learn from your mistakes then there is every possibility that you can bounce back to success in life.
Health is wealth: When we are young, we tend to think that we will always be strong and healthy. Actually, health does not get destroyed in a week or even in a month. It slowly gets destroyed and then getting it back takes a lot of time and real determination. Whatever plan you have, in order to execute it, you need good health. In fact, this is now my main problem. I have all the knowledge, information and skill to become successful in professional blogging. I just still cannot work fulltime or 8 hours a day. Five years ago, when I started blogging, I could work 12-16 hours a day.
Do not bother about Others: Most people love to give advice. Especially, when you are failing in life or your condition is really miserable, then some people around you may consider it their holy duty to give all kind of advice to you. Secondly, some people would enjoy your bad condition and would try to offend you emotionally. While you cannot control others, you surely get try to control yourself about not getting emotionally hurt. From my own experience, I can say that it is not that easy. However, you must have the dream that someday, others wont be able to hurt you emotionally. This dream is valuable. When you can isolate yourself from other people, it becomes easier for you to focus on rebuilding your life again. I wish that I had this knowledge five years ago. Still, it is never too late.
Be patient: Although I have already stated above the importance of being slow and steady, I like to again emphasize that you must never hurry while trying to bounce back in life after a bad failure. You have to be patient and if you are not then you cannot hope to bounce back.
I have just gives you a few simple tips here. I seek your help to continue the discussion. What more tips can you give? 

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    Thanks a lot for the post! Just what I needed at this point in my life.