Friday, March 25, 2011

Hope can recover you powerfully

Today, I woke up at 6:30 AM in morning. For the last 3 days, I have been able to wake up early in the morning. For the last few years, it was my biggest problem as I could not sleep until 5 or 6 AM in the morning. Then, I had to wake up and I had to take tea and coffee a lot just to stay some fresh.
I had hope and dream and now, I realize the value of hope and dream more than ever before. Now, the next thing to fix is earning money through blogging. At the same time, I have to decrease weight. I am now under low calorie diet and mainly, I am trying to become a vegetarian. It is impossible to get out of overweight unless I commit to a permanent change in my eating habit.
This is the thing I am trying to do now. I could never imagine that someday I would be able to totally omit fish and meat. It is true that my heart craves a lot for spicy, frying and oily food items. I think of mutton and large shrimp every day. I think of burgher, sandwich, mutton chop, chicken fry, beef kebab almost every day but for the last two weeks, I could stay away from them. Even I have not eaten a single packet of crisps in the last 15 days.
This is a big revolution for a person like me who was addicted to junk food. I never gave up my hope of becoming a vegetarian.
In the last 20 months, I could decrease weight on several occasions but then again my weight again increased because I never tried to become a strict vegetarian. Now, I am trying my best for it. 

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