Monday, March 14, 2011

One week of Not Drinking Tea

It is the 7th day that I did not drink tea. At last, I have really started to fell normal in my body and mind. Compared to one year ago, things have really improved a lot for me. I feel that I have no problem. I just need to change my sleeping habit and come back to normal life.
For the last 7 days, I got good rest. I did not need to go out at all and I could sleep properly. I just hope that I can maintain this style and get back normal health. When I look back to my past, I feel that life was often very cruel and miserable to me. On the other hand, I neglected myself a lot too. Now, life is much easier for me. So, I have to focus on taking care of myself properly.
I am trying to make a small company successful. Now, I have realized that it is not that easy as I have to manage some other people. Sometimes, it becomes frustrating because I have to be engrossed with dealing problems related to the company and I cannot focus on my health or my work properly. On the other hand, having good assistants is a great blessing too. If they work properly then life becomes easy for me. Thus, it is like a dilemma.
I am trying to come out of the dilemma and find a good balance between managing the company and my own personal life. It is not easy because in the company, I have to deal with human beings not with machines.
It is a small victory for me that I have not taken tea for one week. I did another good thing too. I ate like a vegetarian for the last one week. This is a big victory because I am too much fond of goat meat.
For the last few days, because of not drinking tea at all, I felt some abnormal. My mood changed a lot from time to time. Today, I feel much better.  

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