Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why am I Fond of Blogging?

I am happy that at last I have found something to write about other than repeating about my health and mind. Just for the record, today is the fifth day that I have not drunk any tea and I feel some tired but fresh. It will be another night of not sleeping but I am hopeful that within one week I can sleep at night. Anyway, the original topic of this entry is why I like blogging.
I like blogging because first of all, I like writing. I always wanted to be a journalist or a writer. I tried some other jobs mainly teaching but I did not get that much satisfaction. Yes, I still enjoy teaching but I do not like going to a university or school and teach. Instead one or two students come to my home and I teach them privately. It is perhaps more tutoring than teaching. Anyway, blogging has brought the freedom for me to write.  
I used to be a freelance journalist and I have published more than five hundred writings in newspapers and some magazines. I have translated a book and I have written many things for other people. Ninety percent of the time I used to write for money but living in a third world country, the money from writing was never enough. So, blogging has brought me the freedom that on the one hand, I can write fulltime with all the satisfaction. On the other hand, I do not need to worry about money.
Many people tend to neglect or look down upon blogging. They think that it is less prestigious than freelance writing. In other words, a freelance writing carries more prestige and honor compared to blogging. Somehow, I agree with them but at the same time I like to remind them that even in freelance writing or writing, if your writing is not good and is not appreciated by other people then it dose not have any respect or value. Many people try their luck in writing but only a handful of them become successful in this field. The same goes for blogging.    
Many people or I should say millions of people have tried their luck in blogging in last five or six years. Very few of them could earn enough money and became famous. So, from this point of view, I do not see any major difference between freelance writing and blogging. Yes, freelance writing has one advantage. Most of the time, your writing is supervised by editors. In blogging, there is no editing in most of the cases. Still, as I have said if you are successful in blogging then it matters.
So, another good side of blogging is its potential to change life. For example, I live in one of the poorest countries on earth. We hardly have any modern facility. Communicating with people of other countries was always a major barrier for me. On the other hand, since I joined blogging, things have become much better. I can communicate with people of other countries. I have received some praise for my blogging too. Many people read my entries. Before coming to blogging, my hands were really limited but now in every way, I feel that I have more opportunities.
So, now you know why I am fond of blogging.  

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