Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Beginning with New Hope

Life can sometimes become painful and frustrating. My main problem in life is that I am in a country where PayPal has not come yet. I am hoping that Visa can shine in this field as in my country we have Visa card. So, I have to face limitations in every step. This can be as frustrating as possible. I have all the skills and ideas but my hands are tied. On the other hand, writing is the only thing I like and I can do well. Because of bad health and mental stress of last two years, even I could not blog well.
Now, I have to make a very strong comeback and I am doing so. Yesterday, I could do another thing that I felt that it was indeed a miracle for me from God. I could cycle for one hour. It is not a real bi-cycle but an exercise device and I burnt nearly 400 calories. This simple thing has now given me a lot of hope.
For at least 6-7 years, I felt very lazy about doing exercise. I tried to get my energy through coffee and Coke. I also consumed a lot of junk food. Now, it is almost 19 days that I have become a vegetarian. It is another miracle for me given by the fact that I was too much fond of junk food items. The best part is that I do not feel any craving for meat now.
Yes, I have started to feel young again and I have started to regain my energy. So, it is the time for me to start writing fulltime again. I am very lucky to have a dedicated and supportive wife. 


  1. it's been interesting reading about your country's cultures.

  2. So pleased for you Razib, best wishes to you and your wife x