Sunday, October 31, 2010

It has been a very tough Journey: I am back to my fulltime Work

At last, I have been able to come back to work. I still cannot work fulltime but it is much better than the last 16 months. For the last few days, I was very busy with writing a cover story for a magazine. It was a very difficult work and I hope to finish it today. Thus, indeed, I am going back to work by the end of this month. There is one day more and I hope to rest a lot tomorrow and start fresh in my career from 1 November 2010.
My health has improved significantly at last. From yesterday, I have totally stopped eating red chili powder in curry. This is indeed a radical change in me. I was too much fan of red chili powder. I could tolerate it in very high level and if the curry did not have enough of it then I would find it very difficult to eat.
It is still impossible for me to imagine mutton or chicken curry without red chili powder but then, I have totally stopped eating meat. So, my weight is not increasing and my health is not deteriorating either. 
Most probably, at last, I have realized my problem. I am suffering from dehydration. I am drinking a lot of fruit juice and water and I feel much better. This is a very odd problem and no doctor has been able to understand this matter until now. My wife has been suffering from the same problem. She could understand it and now, both of us feel much better.
In fact, today, I could work a lot and I felt very healthy. I have not felt this way healthy for at least 2 years. Today, I could finish the cover story for the magazine. It was 6,000 words long report and it was very difficult for me. However, this writing exercise has helped me a lot to come back to my work. Since it was for a magazine, I had to finish it before the deadline.
By the way, I am watching a Korean serial in Internet in the last few days. The name of the serial is Pure 19 and you can enjoy the episodes at free of cost here:
The drama is in Korean language but there is English subtitle. If any of you have any time then give it a try. Just watch 10 episodes and I am sure you will like it enough to watch the rest of the series. 

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