Saturday, October 02, 2010

October 2010: The Month of Getting Back to Fulltime Work

The month of October started from yesterday and this new month has brought a new challenge and new optimism in me.  In September, I had to fight for two things: changing eating habits and doing exercise.  I’m happy that I could get modest amount of success in both of them.  For example, yesterday there was chicken curry and today there was very tasty and spicy shrimp curry but I did not eat any of them. Secondly, I have been doing cycling for at least 20 minutes every day.  As a result, I have a started to feel fresh in my body.
This month, there is a new challenge and it is related to my work.  I want to come back to full time writing.  Fortunately, my wife is coming back from her parents’ home next week after more than 14 months.  This is a great news for me for various reasons not to mention that it will end of my loneliness.  Also, I will not need to chat with her by using my hands and fingers.  It will make my hands fresh again.  Thus, I’m hopeful of going back to fulltime work again.
It seems to me that everything is now becoming normal after nearly 1 ½ year.  Now, I’m not sad or frustrated about the long suffering because first of all I’m almost in a normal condition in every way.  On the other hand, I have learned many lessons that had helped me to become a happier person.  My income has decreased a lot but I know that if I can start working full time again it will not be a problem with the help of God.
When I look back to the last one year, I really thank god that I could survive one after another disaster.  I feel that I have become more matured and it is needed in life.  All of a sudden, I find myself in a happy state of mind despite the fact that my condition is far from ideal.  At least, I can find that I have a lot of mental peace compared to most people around me.  There is no doubt that I still have a lot of problems to overcome but I can confidently say that I’m very happy now.
My advice for you is that try to be happy in every condition.  I know that it is impossible because in this website, if you read my entries of the last one year then you will surely notice that I have all the time nagged a lot.  It is clear that I was not happy and was frustrated because my condition was extremely bad.  However, I have done one good thing and that has perhaps in the end saved me: the dream that someday I will again become normal.
Even if you cannot be happy because of the severity of your condition, still, have the dream.  Having a dream will not do any harm.

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