Monday, October 04, 2010

Working for One Hour is not Impossible

This week, it is my time to work for 1 hour at least each day.  If I can work more than that then there is no problem but my minimum should be at least 1 hour.  I am finding it very difficult to come back to full time writing and that is why yesterday, I have made this decision that from now, I’m going to work 1 hour a day for one week.  Next week, my goal is to at least work two hours each day.  This way, I like to increase my working time to 8 hours after eight weeks.
All my life, one of the biggest problems has been to try too much and this has done a lot of harm to my career.  Of course, this is a part of growing up in life.  If you can learn from your mistakes then you can improve.  I’m happy that I have learned this matter that I should not go for any kind of extreme in anything.  If I go for any extreme then it will only destroy my health and my mind.
This time, I’m determined that I will slowly come back to my job.  The last one year has been very difficult for me but it has been a time of learning some valuable lessons that are now helping me.  I do not want to be in a hurry for something.  Instead, I want to move in life in a good way.  More than most people, I’m fond of it speed and I like to compete against myself to do something more quickly.  Slow and steady wins the race- this should be my motto from now.
After a few days, my wife is a coming and I’m eagerly waiting for her return.  It is very good to see that her health has recovered almost completely and my health is improving to the level that I do not feel that I’m sick anymore.  We have both tried a lot for our couple life and as a result, we both became sick almost at the same time.  Now, we’re very happy that we have almost got back our health.
For me, it was very difficult to change my eating habit and start some kind of physical activity regularly.  I have achieved tremendous success in both of them in the last one month.  Fortunately, my wife has very good eating habits and now, I can join her.  It is a very good and nice feeling that I’m out of the obesity level.  Obesity is a very big problem in the world today and the sad part is that very few people are conscious about the danger of this disease.
I have been able to stop eating outside food totally.  Fast food is a very dangerous thing but few people care about this matter.  Whenever I can find time, I try to read about health related issues in Internet.  In the past, I used to do a very bad thing of drinking too much coffee and Coke.  Thus, I used to get artificially fresh and used to work all night.

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  1. So pleased to see you are making progress, you are definitely right - slow and steady wins the race. So hard to live by when you enjoy doing things but will be worth it in the end. Hope the days pass quickly so you can be reunited with your wife soon, I bet you can't wait and am sure it will be so good for you to have her back! x