Sunday, October 17, 2010

So near yet so far

For three days, I suffered from a very nasty cold and hopefully, tomorrow, I will recover enough to start working. It became a sad thing for me because I was almost well enough to start working and then the cold destroyed everything.
My weight has reached to a stable condition and I am now moving around 95 KG. If I can just decrease another 5 KG then it will perhaps be enough to maintain a healthy life. My eating habit has radically changed. I am taking now much less oil and spice than compared to even 3 months ago. I am eating brown rice every day and it is very healthy.
It is one week of my wife’s coming and naturally, I was very busy. My hands and fingers have got a lot of rest as I could not get any opportunity in sit in my computer. My hands and finders feel fresh. This is a great blessing for me. For almost 9 years, I have been using computer every day and as a result, my fingers suffer a lot of discomfort. This break of one week has made them fresh again.
I still have 14 days to go back to fulltime writing. I am hopeful for it. Yesterday, a nice thing happened. A very popular blog from Hungary gave link to an entry of another blog of mine and as a result it brought 4,000 extra page views.
I have been able to remain optimistic because I have won in my war against obesity. I guess that going back to fulltime writing would happen very soon. 

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  1. Hi Razib, I hope you haven't updated for a while because you are really well and happy and busy with work and your wife! I hope it's not because you are still ill.. x