Monday, October 11, 2010

Very near to back to fulltime Working

I am very happy now as my wife came back 2 days ago. I was supposed to start working fulltime from today but a bad thing happened. In our area, electricity went at 10 AM in the morning and it came after 8 PM at night. So, there was nothing to do for me. Well, I am hopeful that from tomorrow, I can start working fulltime. I am a freelance writer and blogger and that is why, writing is my only work.
My health has improved significantly. Today, I found that my weight was 95 Kilo Gram and I am slowly losing weight. Even my waist measurement has decreased by almost 5 inches (12.6 centimeters) in the last 3 and half months. I still need to lose 10 KG of weight and must become 6-7 inches slimmer in waist. I am very happy now as I am in the right track. This month, my main focus is to go back to fulltime working. I am hopeful for it now.
After the return of my wife, life is very sweet and pleasant and I am very optimistic that things will become much brighter for me within a short time. In the past, I used to think that I would stop updating this blog after I can go back to fulltime working. However, now, I feel that writing in this blog has helped me a lot to get back to normal life.
 Last year this time, I was really sick and my weight was 110 KG. I just finished a very painful teeth treatment in which the dentist did root canals with 7 teeth of mine. I became very sick and weak. I was suffering from obesity. Today, I feel very happy and I am hopeful that things will be very bright for me from now on.
Last year this time, in this blog, there were just 5-6 followers and now, this blog has 41 followers. This matter has brought a lot of happiness. I think that some people cared to read about my nagging about my bad condition. At times, I felt really ashamed that I was only writing about bad health. However, now, I understand that, writing in this blog has helped a lot to me to get rid of my mental stress. After all, I am not exactly a very extrovert person.
If you are suffering from physical or mental problems then may be blogging can help you a lot to get free of the stress.
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I like to thank all of you for reading my entries. 

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  1. I do hope you manage to keep updating this blog, it really has been a help to me and as you say I think perhaps it has been for other people too. So glad you and your wife have been reunited :-) x