Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need a Tablet PC for my Writing Job

Today, I was supposed to work normally but when I woke up then I realized that I have caught a very nasty cold. As a result, it became impossible for me to sit in front of the computer and write. I was in bed for most of the time. I wish that iPad comes to my country soon and I can buy one. Apple’s iPad is too expensive for me but the Eee Pad of Asus should be a good bargain and it is supposed to come to the market on March 2011. Then, I can work even from my bed.
For the last 5 days, I could not write anything and that is why, my hands and fingers feel fresh today. This feeling is very good because my hands have become tired after typing for many years at a stretch.
I could never imagine that someday, I would not be able to write at all. The last 15 months have taught me that I must take care of my health or else, it will become impossible to write. There is a good news- the largest selling computer magazine in my country has published my article as their cover story for October 2010. As far as I know, it was the first in depth article about cloud computing in my country. I am making a comeback to freelance writing. The magazine has requested me to write something every month for them and I hope that I can do it.
There are still 18 days left for me to come back to fulltime writing. For October 2010, this is my goal. It is not that easy but I am trying my best.

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  1. I am sorry you aren't feeling well either, I did read your blog post the other night but was too poorly to comment. I wanted to say.. Don't be trying to do work in bed if you are ill!!! :-) Sorry you have to miss the celebrations, next year I am certain you will be able to make them. I hope you feel better soon x