Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Philip M. Parker: The End of Writing Books?

Writing a book is not a easy thing. It takes a lot of effort and months of trying to write a book. Of course, computer can do many things and imitate human but one of things that computer lacks until now is human creativity such as writing an original writing and writing a book. Computer programmers are trying to solve this problem and artificial intelligence is something which deals with concept that computer can become creative just like human being. Philip M. Parker is doing similar research and he has done something which ha taken the media world by surprise. I saw a report in New York Times that Philip M. Parker has created 200,000 books with the help of computer.

According to New York Times report, Philip M. Parker has used artificial intelligence and computer algorithm to write some books collecting information from internet. You know that in internet there are many information which is in the public domain and are free to be used. So, Philip M. Parker has created computer program and they search internet and on different topics they collect information and create a book. This way he has now compiled 200,000 books with this computer program.

In fact, Philip M. Parker has taken this matter very seriously and he has even set up an account in So, what Philip M. Parker is doing is that he is trying to show the world that there can be many books on different topics.

Of course, there has been very little research done on the book created by this man and we do not know how the books are useful or not. However, Philip M. Parker has admitted in the New York Times report that if someone is good in finding information about internet then that person should not buy the book. This book is for those people who are not that much tech savy and who will not try to go into the difficulty of finding information from internet. In fact, many of his books are published on demand. That means that if there is a consumer who want to buy the book then this book will be printed and sent to the consumer. This can be helpful on topics that are rare and have limited demand for the books. For example, there are some topics that very few people are interested and may be 10 copies of that book will be sold and may be no book is on this topic. So, the solution of Philip M. Parker can be very valuable about this kind of thing.

When I first read this report in New York Times I got a bit shocked and the first thing that occurred to me was that if the software of Philip M. Parker will finish the days of writing books. In fact, I am a professional blogger and writer and I earn my livelihood by writing. So, naturally if any computer software can write books like me then like many writers I will be out of business and will have to find new ways of earning money which is really very difficult at this age.

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