Saturday, January 19, 2008

A blog about Bangla/Bengali Literature and Other Literatures

Yes, it is like coming back to the basic again. I started this blog 23 months ago and that time, I was struggling in my career. I was trying to establish myself as a freelance writer in Internet. Internet has eradicated the limitations of distance and I really understood this matter. I did not become successful as a freelance writer but I have experienced considerable success in blogging and so, I am not struggling anymore. This blog did not take off because I had no idea how to make a blog successful. Now, I have some healthy experience and skills about blogging and I am deeply grateful to God for that.

So, I have come back to the blog from where I started. I am again going to write about literature. I studied English literature for my BA. So, I know about most of the major poets, dramatists and writers of English literature. Of course, studying for exam is never a very enjoyable thing. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading Charles Dickens and George Orwell. I also loved William Wordsworth.

My first passion is not English literature- rather it is Bangla/Bengali literature. I started this blog with the goal of presenting Bangla literature to the world. You will not find a lot of materials about Bengali literature in Internet. Well, I know that I cannot do it as I really have no time these days. Nevertheless, I want to write about Bangla literature. I want to write about English literature. I want to write original short stories and I want to translate short stories.

So, come back as often as you can read.

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