Monday, July 04, 2011

Just Never Give Up on Life

It is now almost one month that I have given up my habit of drinking tea. At first, nothing changed but now, I can see a good improvement in my sleeping time. I have been also doing exercise regularly these days. So, these two things are now helping me a lot. I can obviously say that my health has improved significantly enough for me to dream of starting working again. My stress has decreased to a great extent and it is very helpful too.
I just finished an interesting article: How to Defeat Kolrami and I agree with Steve Pavlina that in life if you are run after money then there is a good possibility that it will not come. You have to enjoy your work and then success will come. This is a very simple rule in life but most people learn it in a very hard way.
I thought about this matter that why I failed in my career. Five years ago, I became a fulltime professional blogger but after 5 years, I am a failure in this field. Well, the tragedy is that I did not fail because I was not skilled. What went wrong? Many things. Trouble with family, selecting wrong assistants, limitations of a third world country (no Paypal), no online transaction, poor health etc etc. Some of them were beyond my capacity to solve while I could solve others.
Anyway, now, my health is good enough to start working again and this time, I must learn from my past mistakes. 


  1. its good that you strive and never give up to do the things better. hope i can be a blogger like know how to learn from your mistake.

  2. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I guess i should ask,What about making sure where to put a comma, Question mark, ..... whatever this means quotation marks and all of the other explanation marks how do we know where to insert them when trying to write correctly?

  3. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I am from Australia and I still can't figure where to put commas.

    David -