Friday, May 27, 2011

Life goes On

It has been 5 long weeks that I have not written anything in this blog. Life has been eventful and many things have changed. Fortunately, good things happened at last for a change and my health has started to improve. Almost every day, I feel that I am getting back to my normal health and most probably within a week or two, I will really be able to get back to normal career. It is a long and perhaps cruel struggle for existence but I am very happy to have experienced it.
So, what next? Perhaps, the more important question is, what now? Now, for the time being, I am still not back to my normal condition. I still need to wait but now waiting has become sweet. I can now rest in a good mood. For many years, this kind of normal condition was absent. Stress became my constant companion for year after year. Stress brings bad feeling and it does not allow you to move in life.
The worst thing happens is that you lose vitality in your heart and you stop believing in your abilities. What can be worse than this in life? Last year, this time, I was sick and the only thing that I can remember is that I had some great opportunities to write but I was simply too sick to do so. Now, I have to create some opportunities by working hard. It is not very difficult if I can work hard.
The reason that I like the suffering of last two years is that it has taught me any valuable lessons. More than anything, it has made me emotionally stronger. It has made me wiser and more than anything else, it has made me happier. So, hopefully, I can update the blog once a week from now on a regular basis. 


  1. Hi Razib!

    Appreciate your recent visit over to my blog, and appreciate your thoughtful, relevant comments too. Best Wishes with your writing goals.

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  3. Shabaz Simpson4:05 PM

    You sound a lot like me, Razib. I was sick last year, well, not exactly sick. I had surgery last year and, while it only took me a few months to recooperate physically, I needed many more months to recooperate emotionally.

    I have also been unemployed for the last few months. It is difficult to stay positive when you face seemingly insurmountable challenges; but it's necessary to promote change and satisfaction.

    I would like to recommend a book that has helped me through these dark times. I first discovered Control Switch On ( during a time of personal reflection and maturation. It is a book that will help enlighten you to the dogmatic teachings of pagan cults.