Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visible or Invisible: It is the Same Illness

Internet is really big blessing as it helps us to express our feeling and condition. I am a regular reader of My CFS blog and there Kitty wrote this entry a few days ago: invisible illness week – 30 things about my invisible illness and then, there is another entry that you might like to read: “30 Things About My Chronic Illness ” Meme
If you read this blog regularly then you know that I have been fighting my own battle against illness. Well, my illness is not invisible but in a way it is worse. A series of misfortunes almost destroyed my life. I used to live in a bad and unhealthy apartment for 12 years and fought with my own family, had fighting with some nonsense people over nonsense things. I also suffered from money stress and there was this overweight and cholesterol problem. Very small things added up together and made my life a living hell.
Others could not understand my problems because most of the time, they were so small and nonsense but when combined together, they really almost killed me. For example, I could not sleep at night at all and in day time, I felt sleepy but could not sleep as phone calls came, people called me or the bell of my apartment rang. They were really nothing but together, they were too much for me to handle.
So, I really understand the suffering of people who are suffering from invisible illness. I also understand that most of the time, normal people make fun of them as they cannot understand the problem. There is a poem in my language that states something like this: How can a person understand the pain of a snake bitten man without experiencing the poison?
I could not update this blog for more than 6 months. No, I was not sick. Rather, my health has improved significantly. I was very busy with two projects and finished them successfully. 


  1. I know what you mean. In the past, I have been in your shoes. Glad to see your doing better. Visit my blog if you like sometime,I love visitors.

  2. Great to see you back blogging Razib, I have missed it!! And thanks for reading my survey, it was quite therapeutic doing it!