Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just One Year Ago This Day

I have to say that my health has improved significantly but at times, I get frustrated as I am not fully recovered yet. It is frustrating and today, I felt really frustrated. Then, I tried to remember my condition last year. Except the matter that I had much more money on this day last year, everything has improved in one year. Since I could not work much in the last one year, naturally, I do not have more money.
Last year this time, I could not sleep at all as my heart was beating rapidly. I went to doctor and found that my cholesterol level was too high. In fact, I felt much poison in my body and mind. Today, I do not feel any poison in my body and mind. This is indeed a huge improvement.
Actually, my health is improving but very slowly. So, sometimes, I feel impatient. This is really a very long battle and I have realized that I must take care of my health from now. I must not put any pressure on my health for my work anymore. 

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