Thursday, February 22, 2007

SouthAsiaBiz: World Cup Cricket 2007 Blog

OK! I admit that I am the blogger for SouthAsiaBiz and it is like blowing my own trumpet. However, I know that during World Cup Cricket 2007, very few of you would bother to visit this blog and read about Bangla Literature. So, if you are really looking for good coverage of World Cup Cricket 2007 then why not visit Really, there you can see a lot of news and opinions.

If you are looking to find the World Cup Cricket 2007 schedule the visit the blog and if you are looking for the list of all players participating for the 16 countries in World Cup 2007 then go there too. Yes, you can find the names of all 240 players there.

So, do not forget to visit the blog regularly during World Cup Cricket 2007.

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