Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Love of Writing: Blogging

Yes, I love to read and write. I spend all my hours with information and when I write something then I get happy. In the past, writing was my hobby and passion. I always wanted to be a writer but getting published was a very serious issue. However, after blogging came then it was no longer an obstacle. I would not say that I was a bad writer. In fact, before entering into full time professional blogging, I published more than articles and features in various newspapers and magazines. I also have some experience of working with radio and television.

The main obstacle for me in writing was that I could not write the things I loved. I had to write about the things that there was any demand. Secondly, I had to depend on the editors. Often, I got a lot of satisfaction from writing a piece and then the editor did not like it or change it in a way that I lost all enjoyment. It happened more than one times or even 10 times. So, naturally, I did not enjoy the field of freelance writing and freelance journalism.

On the other hand, I love blogging. Blogging has given me the freedom. Of course, I have to keep in mind of Google and SEO but most of the time, I try to write naturally and I enjoy. So, when I earn my daily breads by doing the thing I always dreamt of, I feel very happy at the end of every day.

Of course, blogging is full of stress and pressure for me. It is not a 9-5 job but it is more of a 11-3 job (11AM-3AM). For the last three months, I had to be busy on some personal matters and I could blog that much. Now, again I am back to full time blogging and I am happy to be back again. Sometimes, the pressure is too much as I have to fight with many bloggers in my field. I have to think of writing in a way that it would be appreciated by the readers and by Google. Well, it is not so hard when your blog becomes one year old. I have seen with my professional blog SouthAsiaBiz that now if I cover any topic in details related to the scope of the blog then it gets impressive Google ranking within 3-4 days.

I can give you the example of World Cup Cricket 2007. Just do a Google search with it and you will find that SouthAsiaBiz has got better ranking than many sporting websites.

This is the best thing in blogging. Here, you can have quick results if you are ready to work hard.

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