Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bangla Literature: Banalata Sen

Banalata Sen is perhaps one of the top most popular poems in Bangla/Bengali literature. If you do a Google search of this keyword then you will see that this blog is features in the first page.

Jibanananda Das and his Banalata Sen

This article was written by Biplob Kishore Deb and he wrote it nearly 1 year ago. You can read the article and know more about Banalata Sen. What I like about the poem is that Jibanananda Das has made a nice combination of urban life, natural beauty and love of woman. That is why, I love this poem and it has the musical quality that very few Bengali poems have. Many of us love to recite it when we are alone or when we are with others.

Jibanananda Das was extremely a talented person but he did not care about earthly matters. Actually, those days, there were not too many sources of earning money. Jibanananda Das dedicated his life for writing poetry and he was very successful. He successfully created a place for himself in Bangla literature. No poet in Bangla literature could write about nature like him. He is indeed the Wordsworth of Bangla literature.

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