Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogging: Typing Speed Matters

If you do not have good typing speed then it will be almost impossible for you to be successful in blogging. So, if you want to be a successful blogger then the first thing you should try to improve is your typing speed. This is the age of computer and you can easily improve your typing. There are many typing softwares to help you. Chatting a lot also helps to improve typing speed. I do one thing and it really helped me a lot. I used to sit in my PC and then type continuously for 10-20 minutes and checked how many words I could type in that specific time. At first, it was not so good but gradually it improved a lot.

Actually, if you try anything for 7 days then it is bound to be better. So, try to sit in your PC like me and type everything you like and then you will see a marked improvement in your typing speed. Do not stop if you make any mistake. First, type and then you can easily find your mistakes thanks to the spell checking abilities of most word processors and then you can easily correct them.

I see many people around me who do not understand the value of typing speed. Actually, it is necessary for any work related to PC not just blogging.

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