Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogging: Diversion tactics to Face Blogger’s Burnout

Last night, I wrote about getting some relaxation from the pressure of professional blogging. In fact, last night, it was a good tactics and I enjoyed it much. Within just a few hours, I wrote 16 entries as a diversion tactics and I enjoyed it a lot. I realized that instead of getting blogger’s burn out the best way to relax is to write about off topics. Today, I am in good shape mentally and I do not feel any tiredness or exhaustion. Instead, I am working whole night and writing some nice entries.

Today, I was very busy and I was out of home until 8 PM. Then I came home and started working from 11 PM. Yes, my body is tired now but my mind is fresh and by drinking a cup of coffee, I could overcome the physical tiredness. So, now I am in good shape both physically and mentally.

In past, to get some freshness, I would take some time off form blogging and enjoyed movies, reading books, browsing websites or just being totally out of home. That meant being out of blogging. I am happy that I could find this diversion tactics of just writing anything I like and then posting it in this blog.

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