Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blog Becoming Alive Again

This Blog has already passed one year. At first, I posted many entries but then after one month, I got a work of professional blogging and could not find time to write here. Of course, it is a sad matter as I really loved this blog. I have been blogging professionally for the last 11 months and have written in a number of blogs in professional and personal capacity but I love this blog most as it is related to Bangla literature and Bangladesh. Today is 21 February, International Mother Language Day. It is perhaps the most important day in the history of Bangla language and literature. It has defined the position of Bangla language in the world stage.

I would love to post entries in this blog again on a regular basis. I know that it is impossible for me to write on a daily basis as I am too busy with professional blogging but I would surely love to post on a weekly basis. So, if you really love to read some nice entries about Bangla literature then you can subscribe to the feed of this blog.

Happy reading.

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