Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blogging: Writing Against Deadline

In the media, deadline is a word that we all want to avoid. It is a tough thing to fight with. In blogging, the deadline is even more intense- especially for professional bloggers. You often get the image that bloggers can write about anything and in their own time. This is not true for most professional bloggers. Breaking stories is very important in the world of professional blogging. However, just breaking a story is not enough. You have to follow through it too.

Suppose, I can post something here now about a breaking story. Then, I will have to mail a number of other bloggers in my field to catch their attention. I would also have submit the link in social bookmarking sites. Then, pray to God that others take note of my blog entry. Of course, if you are an established blogger then it is not so much tough but if you are a newbie blogger then it is a very tough ask. I know it from my own experience.

By the way, most blogs are not recognized as news source by Google News yet. So, you have to wait nearly 24 hours to your blog entry to appear in Google search.

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