Monday, February 26, 2007

Blogging: Typing against Time

One of my favorite past time is to type against time. I mean that in order to increase my typing speed, often I type in PC about any topic and count the minutes. For example, sometimes, I write about a topic for 20 minutes and I write whatever I like and then after 20 minutes I try to find out how many words could I type. It has a good blessing. It not only increase my typing speed but also increases my thinking speed. Because of this matter, I can think faster than before. Well, it is not so easy and when I started it nearly 2 years ago, I could just type 10 words per minute or sometimes just 8 words. Now, it has increased significantly. I can type more than 30 words per minute in this way. Of course, my typing speed is over 60 words per minute but it happens when I type something not write. Writing is a different matter and of course blogging is different too. In blogging, while I type I have to be very careful if I am making any mistake. I have to also think and try to write a sentence in a beautiful. Grammatical correction is not enough. I have to focus on making the language simple but beautiful. I have to think of the topic and think of reaction of the readers.

However, I am happy that my speed has increased a lot in 2 years of continuous trying. I feel that typing speed is vital for success in blogging. If you cannot type fast then you cannot write enough in your blog and that is not a good thing. I really wish that every blogger and every writer take this matter seriously.

I have seen many people in my society who want to be a writer but does not want to give importance to typing speed. Of course, here, many people still write with pen and paper but I have totally stopped writing on a paper. I just use computer and it is surely a great blessing. I can correct anyway I like and I can also save documents. My hand writing is terrible and that is why many times, others have problems about reading my writings. So, I am very happy that others do not have any problem about reading my typing.

Blogging is gradually becoming typing against time. Look at the top blogs. They post so many entries and cover amny things in their field. That is why many people read those blogs. So, the bloggers covering these blogs have to type fast. Otherwise, they would not be able to cove so many entries every day.

So, if you are a new blogger, I would recommend you that you spend sometime everyday and try to improve your typing speed.

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  1. I had a speed of 120 wpm a few years back. Now I think I have around 80 wpm. Knowing typing with all fingers is a necessity today.