Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogging: Your Chair Matters Most

I am a big admirer of Steve Pavlina. I visit his website regularly and feel inspired and often wish with all my heart that I could be like him. Recently, I read his article:

10 Business Lessons From a Snarky Entrepreneur

There is no doubt that Steve is a very successful entrepreneur. However, what I admire him most is that he built everything himself. He is a real self made man and he should be perhaps the best role model for not so successful persons like me. I am quoting his second advice:

2. Buy the best chair you can find. You’ll probably use your chair more than any other piece of business equipment, including your computer, so don’t settle for a crappy one. Consider a chair with padded arms and a high back (to the top of your head) for maximum comfort. The most expensive chairs aren’t necessarily ideal for you, so you must test your way to comfort nirvana.

Yes, as each day passes by, I realize the value of this advice. My chair is not a good bad one but not so comfortable either. And in the past, I used even worse chairs. I never understood the value of having good chairs until recently. Because of full time blogging, I have to sit infront of my PC for 10-12 hours a day and I often wish that I had a better chair. I bought this chair hurriedly and now I am paying the price. So, do not make the same mistake like me if you are a blogger. Just think that buying a chair is an important investment for your blogging success. After making this mistake, I have learnt my lesson and do not make the same mistake like me.

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