Monday, January 31, 2011

Life is becoming better at Last

Today, I felt so fresh in my mind that I started to feel my recovery just like real miracle. The reason is that, just a month ago, I was suffering a lot and totally frustrated. Coming back to full time looked like a distant possibility for me. Now, in the last ten days, I had works so hard that today, I had to force myself to take a day off from any kind of work and I just rested.
It is such a great feeling because just a few weeks ago, coming back to full time work was looked an impossible to me. I have written continuously for the last one year about this matter. My health is not up to the mark yet but now I am very hopeful that very soon, it will become fresh. Suddenly, I am full of energy and happiness.
Right now, I am doing a very important project and it is taking a lot of time and attention. I am happy that I can handle this kind of project but I should have not done it this month. I should have waited for another month or two and that is why I have decided not to take any new project for the next few months or few weeks at least. Even one of my assistants has come back to work after nearly four months of absence. So, things are getting better for me and even my health is improving. I just miss my wife a lot and I hope that she will come back after a few months. If I had just my wife beside me right now, I really would not miss anything at all.
This remarkable recovery has taught me many valuable lesions. Positive attitude and hope both are very valuable. I have fought against many problems in the last two years. My health suffered and became very weak. I could not sleep night after night and month after month. I had to be without my wife most of the time in the last two years. My income suffered and at times, there was real tension about money. My career suffered in the worst way. Sometimes, even just living a day became painful. Yes, all these things have happened to me in the last two years but here I am, and I am. All these things are now lost in the past.
Of course, life has its ups and downs and against I will have some problems and sufferings. However, this time, I am hopeful that I will be more mentally prepared and happy and cheerful state of mind. Another important things that has helped me a lot is perhaps the belief in God. Well, I am not a religious person at all. Somehow, I have strong faith in God and I try to pray regularly or irregularly. Thanks God for the recovery.

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