Sunday, January 16, 2011

A big day of Working Ahead

Sadly, I just have only 5 hours of sleep last night. My health is fine but what happened is that it is very cold here. I live in a poor country and 99% people do not have room heaters. So, the cold wave has made it very difficult for me to work. For example, at this moment, I feel tempted to go to bed under warm and thick blanket instead of sitting in front of the desktop PC.
 Last night, I planned with two of my assistants that today we would give a push for our blogs. However, just now, I found that one of my assistants could not sleep that much last night because of cold weather. So, most probably, today, we cannot get much work done.
I feel sad now because last one year I could not work due to illness. Now, when my health is much better, I am facing one after another difficulty. Well, this is natural part of life. We have to move ahead in life against all the odds. I know it very well because my whole life has been just one long struggle against all the odds. Life is indeed not a bed of roses.
By the way, last night, I watched the match of West Ham vs Arsenal in television. 

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  1. Sorry to hear you didn't sleep. You have come through so much I am sure you can get back to work very soon. When life throws lots of things at me I try and think of a little saying which is "This too shall pass" and it helps me a lot. Hope you enjoyed the football :-)