Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hoping for a better 2011 after a Bumpy Start

It is the first day of anther long spell of missing my wife. Of course, I am some sad and lonely but I know that it is needed because of our reality. The main thing is that we love each other very deeply and I have seen many couples who are much luckier than us when it comes to being together but they have no happiness. So, in the end, I am not unhappy but surely I miss her a lot.
Today, I have been trying to get back to full time work. I know that it will take some time and most probably it will take a week or two because in the last two weeks, I could hardly do any work. My health is improving that is why I am hopeful that I can get back to full time work this time. I am just trying to focus on resting a lot and making myself fresh. Actually, compared to that the same time of last year (January 2010) my health has improved significantly. I clearly remember that last year this time, I had hardly any strength and my main problem was that I could not sleep at all whole night. Most probably, I was suffering from a bad level of insomnia and I used to sleep whole day. I am deeply grateful to God that my sleeping habit has become normal and now a days, it becomes very difficult for me to stay whole night awake no matter what happens. In the last seven days, I drank a lot of coffee but from today, I have totally stopped it. So, I feel some tired but I know that from next week, I will again feel totally fresh.
Fortunately for me, this time, it is not that cold and this is another reason I feel better. I can tolerate summer hit much easier than winter cold. The funny thing is that most people are just opposite as they find winter more comfortable than summer.
In last summer, fortunately, I could buy an air conditioner and that is why I am not that much worried about the summer hit of this year. My main worry is electricity problem but I have got a laptop which should help me.
2011 is the year for me to work hard and earn some decent amount of money. In a last two years, I could not work that hard and my income suffered a lot. Hopefully, in the next two years, things will become much better and I am happy that recession has finished in the United States

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