Thursday, January 06, 2011

Aniruddha Sen: A New Personal Blog

First of all, Aniruddha Sen is a follower of this blog of mine and I am happy that he has started a blog of his own recently. Before anything, I should give you the address:
There are just 3 entries right now and that is why, it is perhaps too early to write a review about the blog. However, if you can spend a few minutes in reading these 3 entries, you might notice two things. First of all, Aniruddha Sen has a nice writing style. He is most of the time talking to himself but on second thought, you may feel that he is actually talking to you (the reader). I like this style.
The second thing that you might feel like me after visiting the blog is that Aniruddha Sen is interested about different topics and I hope that he does not try to limit his blog on any particular topic but write about the things he knows and likes. After all, personal blogs should be like this. 

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