Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going back to the Basics for Restarting full Time Work

From today, I am going to give all out efforts to start working full time again. I have been trying for the last two and half months but have not got any success. I am perhaps too much consumed with the idea of improving my quality. This sense of perfection is not bad but it is killing myself at this point of time in my life.
I am going to forget about quality and I am going to start working full time from this moment. I will just think of working and keep on going. I know that if I just try like the past then sooner or later, things will be better and I will be able to produce quality content for my blogs. In the past, I could do it and again I know that I will be able to do it.
So, I am going to just work full time and try for working. I wont care whether my content is good or bad. If needed, I will repeat the same thing over and again. I just need to get back to my work.
This has become a really bad entry but I am not sad for it. Instead I am happy that I could write it and motivate myself to start working again. 

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  1. Good luck Razib! We are all behind you, just remember to listen to your body and if you need to rest then do it :-) Glad you have stopped coffee again too!!