Friday, January 21, 2011

Hoping that it is not a False Start Again

Things have improved in every front suddenly in the last 4 days. Fortunately, weather has improved a bit and I did not become sick in the end. I have been able to go back to fulltime work and yesterday, I worked almost 12 hours. I had to go to 3 offices and then after coming home, I worked until almost midnight. Today, I am in a relaxed mood and tomorrow, I hope that I won’t have to work that much.
Since I am coming back to normal work, at first, it will be some confusing and difficult. After a few days, things will become normal. I am very happy that at last, my health is supporting me to go out and do some work. For the last two years, going out was a real nightmare for me.
Every month, 3-4 days will be tough but I must not drink coffee or Coke. Secondly, after passing the tough days, I must rest for at least 1 day. In the past, this was my main mistake. I tried to use my will power a lot and then, I was much younger. So, it was not a problem.
I just hope that it is not a false start again. This time, I really can work.

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  1. I think it's really important to schedule in rest times, especially when starting back at work after such ill health, I hope you can continue x