Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A short Story from Bangladesh is Complete

It is amazing that I could write a short story in a single night. Of course, I had the idea and the plot in my mind. Well, I have to make some changes and then I can post the story in this blog. I am not sure if it a good one. Most probably, it is not. However, I am not sad for that because from my own experience I know that when you do something continuously then you become skilled in it. I cannot expect that after four years, the first story that I write will be marvelous. Instead, it will take time and effort.
I wish that I could write a short story a month. Most probably, it is possible but it requires some good deal of discipline and regularity. I am not good at any of them. Well, I am trying to convince myself for that because I know that writing a short story each month is possible for me. I have so many ideas in my head. These ideas have remained inside in my head for nearly two decades. Now, I have perhaps the maturity to start writing them.
Right now, writing these stories will not bring any money but I still want to write them because there are not too many short stories in English language from my country. So, when anyone is looking for short stories from Bangladesh, they will surely find about my stories and read some of them. I guess that most of them would laugh at my stories as they are going to be somewhat silly and childish. Well, I don’t care for it because I write stories first for myself and then for others.
Yes, these ideas, these stories are in my head perhaps all the time. When I go to sleep then they come to me and push me to write them down. Tonight, I could write one and I feel somewhat relived. It is not that I have done something outstanding but I have done something that gave a lot of happiness tonight.  
Hopefully, I can edit, revise and publish the story in the next 48 hours. Then I am going to put the hyperlink in this entry too so that if you are visiting this entry someday then you can read it. 

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