Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to Make Sure that Your Wife will not Dance on Your Head?

A few days ago, I talked to one of my school friends. In fact, he called me after many months to know how I was and he gave his latest updates of his life.  He married 5 years ago and just before the marriage day, I went to his home and had a long chat with him about marriage and couple life.
We had exactly the opposite ideas. I told him that day that it was my dream to respect my wife and support her as much as possible. Well, I admit that I could respect my wife a lot but could not support her as I am a very lazy person and I always run away when it comes to household matters like cooking or washing or cleaning. I also have some of the bad sides of an Eastern husband. Still, my dream was to love, support and respect my wife. My wife is lucky in the sense that I am a much better husband than most of the men she has seen. I am not an ideal or dreamy husband but still, my wife is very happy and I am happy for it.
My friend laughed at my idea of marriage and couple life. He said that he was not a stupid man like me. If he acted according to my ideas then his would be wife would climb on his head and dance. I did not argue with him much as I know that he thinks that I am nothing short of a lunatic person. So, my words would not have any value to him.
After 5 years, he has not changed his ideas a bit but things have changed for him. His marriage life is full of unhappiness and fighting. Now, his wife fights with her happily for many small things which I cannot imagine would happen in my marriage life. So, his wife has really now climbed on his head and is not dancing but shouting and I guess that this tragic way will continue forever.
So, if you really want to make sure that your wife will not dance on your head after your marriage then from first try to respect her. 

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