Saturday, April 17, 2010

JK Rowling: Vote against The Conservatives

It is election time in England and many of the celebrities are asked who they support. One celebrity in the field of literature had openly expressed her support or I should say her resentment against one party. She is the writer of Harry Potter and JK Rowling feels that people should not vote for the conservative party in the upcoming election. She has given her reason.
We know that JK Rowling suffered a lot and the story of the Harry Potter worked like a fairy tale for her in real life. She was divorced and she had to look after her baby and at the same time she was trying to find a job. It was a nightmare experience for her and at that time the conservative party was in power in England. I think it is the time of 1996. The conservative party is more or less supporter of capitalism and they are not in favor of giving too much social benefits. The author of Harry Potter feels that this is a wrong strategy and it seriously puts thousands of people in danger. So, she is asking everyone possible not to vote for the conservative. 

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