Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to Blogging in a Good way

Yesterday was a beautiful day for me because I could write fourteen entries. Of course, most of the entries were not good but I was happy that I could come back to blogging. Today, I have already finished four entries and this is the fifth one. I am hopping to write another ten entries today and it is excellent. Of course, blogging is not the thing that I dreamt for myself but at least it is some kind of writing. It is bringing some money can I am happy for it. My dream is to become a freelance writer but I have understood that in this age, it is becoming increasingly difficult because of all kinds of problem. One of the basic problems is that newspapers and magazines are losing to websites and that is why they can not pay enough money to freelance writers. Anyway, I am not unhappy because I know that if I can one blog very successful then I can write my short stories and put them there and many people will read.
Internet is changing the rules of the game in the printing and media industry. One good part is that now anyone can open a blog or website and if they try hard and if they have the skill they can get a lot of readers. In fact, yesterday, one of my blogs had nearly nine thousands page views. 

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