Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Happiness can help your Writing Career?

I am very happy to write that compared to many people around me, I am very happy in life. Although, I have suffered a lot from poverty, tension, family feud for many years, still, I am very happy in life. This happiness has helped me to move through my writings career. When I look back to my past, then I can see some good achievements in my profile. For example, I translated Virginia Woolf’s famous book ‘A Room of One’s Own’ in my language first. I published more than 500 reports, interviews, translations in different newspapers and magazines. Yes, writing these things did not bring much money for me because I live in one of the poorest countries on earth but so what! I have published them week after week. Even this month, I wrote the cover story for the highest circulated computer magazine in the country. I also published one report and one interview in another magazine.
Happiness is very important if you want to be a writer. In fact, my full time work is writing and this brings all the happiness for me. I dreamt for it a lot in life. Sometimes, I do journalism, sometimes feature writing, sometimes ghost writing, sometimes blogging and sometimes translating books. Still, all of them are some form of writing. Blogging brings money and pay my bills, magazine writing brings some fame and helps to advance my career while translating gives a lot of satisfaction. 

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  1. im so proud of u
    u cn translate sm more great works i guess
    wt language ws it?
    nd yes
    the happiness of a writer
    lies in his writing
    nt the money he makes..