Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seeking Happiness in Bangla Literature

In our life, we all seek happiness. We do many things with the goal that it will give us more happiness. Happiness, enjoyment, comfort, these are the things that all the people dream to have. Well, there is a difference in attitude about the definition of happiness in South Asian culture compare to the Western Culture. I think that in South Asia, we give more importance on sacrificing and dedication. We are perhaps more emotional. This is good but at the same time when these feelings get mixed with western values then sometimes problems happen. Secondly, it is not very easy to dedicate and sacrifice when you are not getting the same thing from others.
This problem happens too much in marriage. In marriage, the complain of most people is that they are only dedicating more and they are not receiving love and sacrifice from other partner.
When I look at the Bangla literature then I think I can see that people like Tagore and Sarat Chandra Chatterjee tried to create some amazing female characters in their novels. Specially, when it comes to Sarat Chandra, his heroines are very noble and they sacrifice and dedicate everything for their loved ones. I wish that they wrote some more about the importance of dedication from the side of the husband or men.
When the husband and the wife both try for happiness then it comes very easily. 

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