Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dream, Reality and Birthday

Like many writers, I dream to write some short stories and novels. For many years, I am totally occupied with writing for money. What happen is that in the last ten days I was very busy with covering an important event in my country and I had to write a lot of things about this event. In fact, I think that I have written more than ten thousand words in the last ten days about the program and Next week, two magazines will publish my articles. It was mainly a computer event and had nothing to do with any short story or a novel. It was mainly writing press release, taking interviews, writing report etc.
Today I was thinking that my age was only increasing. For example, my birthday was on 22nd March which was only fourteen days ago. I became one year older but I could not write any short story in the last one year. So, I have decided that at least in the next one year I will try to write some short stories and if possible a novel. It does not matter if they are good or not because I just want to write them.
So, if you are a in the same position like me then just try to remember that your time is passing and you should not think of any grand skim. In stead just try to write something that you really enjoy. Even if you can write one short story in a year still it is something that you have produced. 

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